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Most people know that acupuncture is a Chinese medical system that uses, amongst other things, needles for combating diseases. For centuries now acupuncture has been the most important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine as used in the Far East. The reason is that eastern thinking traditions, philosophy and acupuncture have evolved together.

In the western world, where acupuncture is of growing importance in medicine, the concept that mind, body and environment interact very closely is now widely accepted. Acupuncture is based on the concept of energy. Energy in nature regulates plant growth, climates, seasons, day and night etc.

In man it takes care of all the processes that make people living creatures: Seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling, digestion of food, breathing, sleeping, emotions, reproduction…etc. to cut a long story short, everything. Acupuncture involves stimulating relevant points on the body to improve energy flow in the channels and organs that speeds up the healing process. 

The benefits may take a few sessions or may be felt immediately. In the west acupuncture is usually associated with pain relief however, when combined with herbs, it can treat a variety of conditions.

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